We will bring alot of interesting brands to the show. The electronics are from Alluxity in Denmark, and they will be presented on a TAOC rack from Japan. The speakers we will use are from Estelon in Estonia and Gauder Akustik in Germany.

Alluxity Is a Danish High-End brand. The creater of Alluxity had a vision of bringing together High-End sound with a stylish and sleek design, and this he did to the fullest.

Estelon is a true luxury brand with a facinating design. They have won multiple awards, and have been featured in many magazines around the world. Including the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club coffee-table book “A Legacy of Luxury”

Gauder Akustik previously known as Isophon is amongst one of the worlds leading loudspeaker designers. Dr Roland Gauder designs speaker to be able to deliver the best possible sound.

TAOC is not very known here in the North. But in Asia you find TAOC racks placed everywhere. They have many different lines, that fits into every home.

Besides from the brands used in our playing system, we will bring units for passive display, from the brands we have in our Swedish portfolio.