This year, we will be bringing some new brands to the show. Including the Lithuanian speaker brand AudioSolutions, which are extremely reasonably priced speakers, the electronics will be from Vitus Audio in Denmark.

You will also find a turntable from Amari that is equipped with an Acoustical Systems tonearm and a Shelter Harmony cartridge

Vitus Audio Is a Danish High-End brand that has existed for more than a decade. The main product that we are bringing this year from Vitus Audio, is the new RI-101 integrated amplifier with built-in streaming and DAC. It delivers 2x300WRMS into 8 ohms and is a pure beast in terms of performance.

AudioSolutions was at the start of last year a less known speaker brand from Lithuania. This changed throughout the year, with multiple great reviews and “BEST BUY” awards from Mono & Stereo, The Ear, AVShowrooms etc. We will be bringing one of the bestsellers, the Figaro M speaker, which only costs 4.900 EUR per pair.

Amari LP-82s is an exact replica of an old but legendary Micro Seiki turntable. However, it has been tweaked by Acoustical Systems in Germany, to perform even better. 

TAOC is not very known here in the North. But in Asia you find TAOC racks placed everywhere. They have multiple different design lines, that makes it possible to fit into any home.

Besides the brands listed above, you may also find other brands that we distribute in Sweden on passive display, in our room.

Du hittar oss i Mälarsalongen D på Sheraton Hotel. Missa inte!