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Our new OVATION Line integrated amplifier will replace the A6.2 and the new integrated amplifier will appear in two versions which we will both introduce simultaneously. Also, the concept of these OVATION amps will be a big change from the predecessor A6.2. Both new integrated amplifiers will embody a SA6.2 amplifier capable of delivering over 150A/Ch. (peak).
We have left the concept of the purist A6.2 and the new integrated amps are now equipped with a wider range of technologically advanced and convenient features: 

  • A8.3 with an optional tube line stage
  • A6.3 with a solid state line stage
  • Signal sensitive Input
  • Bluetooth 4.2 aptX
  • Digital inputs that feature the flagship DAC Module known from the OVATION Line Media Players MP8.2 and MP6.2
  • ARC Module (as an option to follow early 2019)
  • Home Theater Loop

The tube stage may easily be swapped to solid state and back. This will facilitate direct comparisons between tubes and solid state and even give a chance to upgrade i.e. from 6.3 to 8.3 version.